SHIBA FAME V2 (SFV2) is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. SHIBA FAME V2 (SFV2) is a yield-generating social cryptocurrency. Members of the SHIBA FAME V2 (SFV2) Community ecosystem earn interest from network activity, all while benefiting the planet though our charitable partnerships.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to help create a decentralized financial system by reponsibility coordinating people , value , ownership, and reputation. SHIBA FAME V2 (SFV2) token is aiming to create an ecosystem to increase your asset value as token Building a safe and secure platform to earn a handsome income through staking, along with maintaining their privacy , security , and automony . We strive to create an ecosystem based on sound monetary policies, with a sound and solid decentralized foundation , that should be expected with the Shiba Fame V2 (SFV2) platform.

Our Features

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100 Billions Token Supply

  • 3% Dev wallet
  • 6% Marketing wallet
Cloud Based

Ever Increasing Price Floor

20% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. It's automatic and helps creates an ever increasing price floor (stability).

No transaction fees

Anti-Dumping Protocol

Shiba FameV2 won't let anyone dump on him and you! After each buyback, transaction fees FOR SELLS are doubled for 60 minutes, descending to the original rate with each minute.

Instant operations

Sniping bots

will be taxed 99% and the proceeds will be distributed as Shiba FameV2 rewards and for the buy backs. We are working with the Safe Launch team to combat bots.

Strong teams & Advisors

Team Lead, Community Driven

5% tax will wallet to ensure our capability in supporting further development and marketing.

Protects the identity

Safe Launch Partner

We've partnered with the Safe Launch team to make this un-ruggable by design. We have a verified contract and presale is on DxSale with 100% liquidity locked.

Road Map


  • To Provide Free Education to Indian Community.

    Educating and creating an awareness to every Indian about the Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrenies.

  • To hunt for real talent

    India is swiftly gearing towards a US$ 5 trillion economy by 2024. The country is rapidly developing to become a global powerhouse. India is home to a massive consumer base, and the working-age population is soaring. The global corporate arena is swiftly turning to the Indian talent pool due to several push-pull factors like the technique of problem-solving, digital literacy, relentless hard work and the ability to adapt to new technology. Transition is the law of nature, and Indian talent has the potential to circumvent this global transition.

  • Creating a Geographical Network to build our Community.

    Our Vision is to built a vast community network of holders , India has about 36 States, 750 Districts and around 7 Lakh Villages , Our Vision is to create a Human Blockchain System so as every Indian is directly or indirectly an holder of our Currency ShibafameV2. As our reward system will automatically generate the passive income to all our holders.

  • Launching NFT projects

    The real talent NFT Projects , will be future core step to our community. The hunt for real talent will lead us to build NFT project on their concepts/designs . We will be the Fundraiser- the platform as well as the market place for such creative NFT projects to be listed. The main idea or the main Concept of this platform will be to provide a passive income and a ROYALITY to the First owner of the NFT .

  • QR Codes Projects

    When we are having a vision to build a Human Blockchain System and Compiling with Decentralized Blockchain Technology, we want to avail a short and simple service for indian community to build a network for farmers, Tribles, Traders, Auto Drivers, Cab Drivers, shopkeepers etc .

  • Charity and Donations
    “ A Good Education is a foundation for Better Future” – Elezibeth Warrens

    Lets Educate India an iniative to Educate Indian Community all over the Districts- Tehsils- Villages . To Make every Indian Educate and aware from the world crypto and Blockchain technology. To be a competitive nation with regards to other nation and to stand with them as their competitor.

  • DAO - DAO is the organizations running in the software in a fully democratic way. The of the major features of digital currencies is that they are Decentralized. This means they are not controlled by a single institution like a government or central bank, but instead are divided among a variety of computers, networks, and nodes. In many cases, virtual currencies make use of this decentralized status to attain levels of privacy and security that are typically unavailable to standard currencies and their transactions.